Who are the North Country Hillbilly’s anyway?

The North Country Hillbillys (NCH) is a Christian oriented car club that was formed in 2006. We strive to host a family friendly car show that welcomes ALL Car and Truck enthusiasts!

All profits and proceeds from the sale of the NCH vinyl graphics, hats, t-shirts, etc. are used to provide music for a family friendly car show for our community.

The NCH Car Show is held annually the first Saturday after Labor Day at the Braham Covenant Church.


5 thoughts on “Who are the Hillbillys

  1. What is the newest you guys let in my project is a 1995 f150 i6 5 speed 4×4 not lifted yet basically stock

    1. Hey there, we allow pretty much anything. Get a hold of one of the main members (Mike or Les). We don’t have an application or anything just ask people to come hang with us!

  2. Was at the show today.
    Could you get the person with the Maroon 67-69 455 firebird to give me a ring?
    I wanted to ask him what his radiator cooling fan assy came out of.
    Todd Novak (#26 today)
    612 325 8722 or 763 753 6129 H

  3. Working on the Community Calendar and wondered if you had any events from August to August of this next year to put on the calendar. Thanks.

    1. Our annual car show will be held 9/9/17 from 11 am – 4 pm; 2018 car show will be held 9/8/18 from 11 am – 4 pm. Shows are held annually at the Braham Covenant Church.

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