These are now the “official” rules.  It’s possible that they might change slightly, or even be added to, but if we do I’ll be sure to notify people by creating a new post in the thread.  My personal opinion on the rules is this: they’re there so that it’s a basis of what to go by, but not so much that it can’t still be fun.  I personally encourage and would like to see whatever people can bring to the table.  The crazier the better.

The Cars:

-No engines or propulsion.
-No moving weights.
-Wheels can be attached to the car in any manner, but must not extend beyond the front of the valve cover.
-Nothing can extend beyond the front of the valve cover. (Due to the starting mechanism, and to make sure they start at the same place.)
-Cars shall be based on an actual rocker cover from an automobile engine.
-Cars must have four wheels, each no more than six inches in diameter. (Thinking about deleting this one.  Thoughts?)

Critical Dimensions:

-30 inch maximum overall car length. (This figure is up in the air, depending on feedback I receive from you guys. However, 20″ is pretty dang big already!)
-10 inch maximum overall car width, including axles/wheels.  (Due to the width of each lane.)
-No height restrictions (within reason, of course).  This is a personal “non-rule” because I’m secretly hoping somebody builds one to look like a pirate ship.  Hint hint.
-10 pounds maximum weight by official scales.




One thought on “Valve Cover Race Rules

  1. Just happen to be driving by and had to stop and check it out. I really liked it, interesting variety of cars there!
    Why don’t more car shows do stuff like the valve cover race and other things you guys had going on? Seeing the other valve cover cars got my brain going, might have to see what I can come up with before your next event. I hope there is no participant age limit!

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